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The truly white wedding that went without a hitch... almost

THIS really is a white wedding. Louise Oragano and Conor O'Dwyer (both 28) took the plunge yesterday in a beautiful ceremony in Glasnevin.

The teenage sweethearts exchanged vows at Our Mother of Divine Grace in Glasnevin before descending on Meath's plush Dunboyne Castle.

But like all weddings, this one didn't go off without a hitch.

Although most brides are praying that they won't be met with any complications on their big day, few could have predicted the winter wonderland that be thrust upon us.

And like all young couples in love, they were determined not to let a few inches of snow, traffic delays and general chaos keep them from getting married.

Speaking to the Herald before the ceremony, Louise said: "I'm a bit nervous but hopefully the roads will be okay.

"The church is only five-minute drive so we should be okay getting from the house to church."

However, they did in fact reach the church successfully and without a drop of snow, thanks to her dedicated family members paving the pathway and covering her with umbrellas.

While she opted for the big white dress, she added a little winter accessory -- a fur bolero.

And her glamorous bridesmaids, sporting long navy-blue gowns also accessorised with the accessory.

Most couples marrying in the winter months would hope for a snowy backdrop, but few would want several inches of snow accumulating during their big day.

And Louise's dad Ronaldo was determined to make the trip as easy as possible for her, even paving the way outside their home in his tux.

But her fun-loving wedding party forgot the madness of the day for just a moment and it truly became a day for celebrations -- even before the ceremony kicked off.

The four groomsmen even found the time to indulge in a snowball fight before popping making their way to the church.

However, the entire day didn't go off without a hitch.

Joan, the mother of the bride revealed that her aunt Joan couldn't make it to the ceremony, because she is stranded in Barcelona.


"My aunt Joan, who is 72, was on a cruise and was set on making it to the ceremony, but her flight was grounded on Wednesday. She is now stuck in Barcelona until they open the airport again," she said.

The loved-up pair met when they were studying at Crumlin College nine years ago and have since started expanding their family.

They have one daughter Ella Jane (1 year, 7 months) together and hope to expand the brood soon.