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1. Only give flowers in odd numbers: Like most people, Estonian girls like to receive flowers BUT never in even numbers. They must be an odd amount.

2. Supermodel Carmen Kass: Tallinn is home to supermodel Carmen, left.

Kass (33) is the face of Max Factor's current campaign and a regular on catwalks in Milan, New York and Paris.

3. Cost cutters: A pint of Guinness costs €3.50; 1.5 litres of sparkling water 49c; 20 Marlboro cigarettes €3; bottle of coca cola 81c.

4. Naked Saunas: Like their Scandinavian neighbours, Estonians are fond of a good sauna. But travelling Irish fans need to be careful of the etiquette. In most places, you are expected to go naked.

5. Skype: It's a Godsend for many Irish mothers to keep in contact with the emigrant children but Skype originated in Estonia. An ad for Skype in Tallinn Airport says: "If man were meant to fly he would have been born with wings."

6. Depeche Mode: Tallinn has a tribute bar to 80s outfit Depeche Mode. The only music heard in the pub is Depeche Mode. Apparently it was a hit with Shamrock Rovers fans last July.

7. Euro: Signs around Tallinn will let Irish fans know that Estonia adopted the euro at the start of the year. Wonder if they regret that now? But they are still adjusting so you can expect to stand in supermarket queues.

8. Wife Carrying: Estonia considers itself a world heavyweight when it comes to wife carrying. They won the world championships for 10 years straight between 1998 and 2008 although Finland captured the title in recent years.

9. Folk Songs: Estonia has the second largest collection of folk songs in the world -- after Ireland.

10. Kiiking: If you thought wife-carrying was weird, the Estonians also play a bizarre game where they stand on a swing seat and attempt to complete a 360-degree loop around the top bar.