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The setting in which RTE drama RAW was shot is ready to open its doors for real, a court has been told.

The setting in which RTE drama RAW was shot is ready to open its doors for real, a court has been told.

Barrister Dorothy Collins told the Circuit Civil Court that the restaurant, named Camden Exchange, at 72/73 Camden Street, Dublin, had been developed in accordance with planning permission.

Ms Collins told Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, who last July granted the then future restaurant a "declaratory licence," that major renovations and refurbishment had been completed.

She said the premises had basement storage, a ground floor restaurant and first floor kitchen, cloakroom and lavatories, and the owner, Stephen Johnson, was now applying for a drinks licence.

Ms Collins told the court that the restaurant owners and a number of objectors had struck a deal over how the restaurant was to be run.

She said that Constance Cassidy, S.C., on behalf of one of the main objectors, Councillor Mannix Flynn, and Niki Andrews, counsel for objectors Bernard Molloy, The Delux Hotel (Camden St) Ltd and Claytondale Ltd, consented to the application on foot of the agreed deal.

The court had previously heard that the Agreement restricts Mr Johnson, owner of The Bleeding Horse pub which is also in Camden Street, from running the new premises other than as a restaurant and cafe bar and strictly not as a public house or promoting it as a public house.

Mr Johnson also agreed to maintain a full menu service and not to apply for music, singing or public dancing licenses or to ask the court for special exemption orders.

He gave an undertaking that, in the event of a future sale of the restaurant, the agreement with the objectors would become part of the contract for sale.

Judge Groarke granted the certificate for a full seven day publican's on- licence and noted the undertaking from Mr Johnson in respect of the agreement entered into with the objectors.