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The secret to grooming a €1,500 cat... hot porridge

THE secret to keeping a €1,500 pedigree cat well groomed isn't expensive beauty products or feline Botox -- it's hot porridge.

Some of the country's top moggies are to battle it out in what has been dubbed 'the Crufts of the Cat World' later this month -- but the Herald can reveal their show-stopping regimes.

It might be safe to assume that after spending over €1,000 buying your premiere pet you'd be milked for expensive products, but that is not the case, says Karen Sluiters from the Supreme Cat Show.

She goes no further than her kitchen when it comes to taking care of her two Burmese cats.

"I usually just heat up some porridge and put it on the cat," she said. "It's like a dry-shampoo for cats.

"They don't mind it at all, because it's warm. And if the cat accidentally eats it, it's fine."

Cost-saving measures with porridge aside, Karen explained that many people still spare no expense when it comes to their precious pets.

"There is a recession going on, but it doesn't seem to have hit cats or dogs yet," she revealed to the Herald.

"Persians can be about €1,500, Siamese can be €700 and Burmese can be €600. You have to remember that when you get a cat, you've got it for about 15 to 20 years, and you have to pay for vets bills and food and all sorts. It can be very expensive," she said.

The 22nd Supreme Cat Show will take place in Balinteer Community School on April 22. The show is seen as the Crufts of the Cat World and will be largely dominated by the finest pedigree cats around.