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The Script hailed as real life heroes after rescuing woman (25) from motorway crash


Danyy from The Script

Danyy from The Script

Danyy from The Script

THE Script have turned real life 'Superheros' after pulling a woman from her car after a motorway crash. Dubliner Danny O'Donoghue described how they came to the assistance of a woman after her car spun out of control on a motorway.

The woman said that the band "saved her life" by pulling her out of the car once they saw smoke emerging from the engine.

The rockers were travelling from London to a gig in Manchester when they saw the car hit the central reservation and spin out of control on the M40 motorway in Buckinghamshire.

But Danny was keen to play down the heroic actions, telling Manchester radio station Key103: "It's all in a day's work."

O'Donoghue said he saw the girl spinning out of control on the fast lane of the motorway and the band jumped out and were knocking on the window when they saw smoke coming from the engine.

He later wrote on Twitter: "Thank God she was alright, hit the barrier and spun out, got her out as the engine was starting to smoke."

The band later tweeted: "We had to do it or it could have been very, very bad. She's ok now and that's the main thing. Her car is totalled."


The 25-year-old woman in the crash said she felt lucky to be alive after the terrifying incident.

"I was hit by the side and it kept spinning round and round. Then they got me out of the car. There was all sorts going on at the same time," she said on radio.

Thanking them, the young woman added: "I gave them a cuddle before I left but I never said thank you."

A witness said they saw the members of the Dublin band jumping to action.

"The crash had literally just happened and there was smoke pouring out of the car. Suddenly I looked to my left and there was a guy jumping out of the car that had pulled up on the hard shoulder," the witness said.

"He just ran into the middle of the road and he was racing around the car and trying to get her out. Then I saw Danny too and I was like: 'Oh my God - that's The Script!'

"I thought she was dead, her body was up against the wheel and the car was quite smashed up. Nobody else was out of their cars apart from them. There was still traffic moving going around her car."

Earlier this week, Danny said that he would consider a return to The Voice UK.