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The public have a right to know if these rapists are living in their community

FIRST things first. Michael Murray is a serial rapist and a man who has exposed himself to a toddler. Neither Murray nor his legal representatives can deny this fact.

This repeat offender is back on the streets today, living at a location unknown to most of his neighbours. Analysing his case, as a career detective, my conclusion is that he represents a serious threat to the public.

It is unclear if this character received treatment while in prison. If he did, can anyone truly tell if such treatment worked?

The crimes of people once they have served their sentences do hang over them. The questions can legitimately be asked: Have they served their duty to society? Can their names and photographs be exposed and highlighted?

This malefactor Murray caused huge trauma and stress for the adults he raped and assaulted and the child he exposed himself to. He does not deserve succour in any form.

In the US state of Oregon legislators and police routinely post posters with photographs on poles and say that a rapist or serial criminal lives at such an address. It has become an accepted system, where everybody knows who is living in their community. Not so here.

The issues raised by publicising the whereabouts of Michael Murray beg questions over a forthcoming release, that of notorious Wicklow rapist Larry Murphy.

Murphy, whose victim could have suffered a worse fate than even rape had he not been caught, will soon be back on the streets.

Will the people of Ireland know where he is housed, with arrangements made and references provided at taxpayers' expense, like his fellow serial rapist Murray?

Under the current system you, as a citizen, will not be told if Murphy takes up residence next door to you. The matter will again be left to the press to investigate.

I regularly read of the activities of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and Amnesty International Ireland, groups who often advocate for criminals' rights.

It grieves me that such sanctimonious do-gooders are often on the side of the criminal, rather than the public.

What civil liberties have Michael Murray, Larry Murphy, or indeed any other serious criminal, as against those of law-abiding people? The citizens of Ireland deserve the protection of the Garda Siochana and the State.

As far as I am concerned Murray is a threat to society and any information about him should be available to the public, the law abiding citizens of this country who have built it up over many years.

Imagine -- this rapist Murray exposed himself to a child.

Murray, Larry Murphy and others should lose all privileges that are afforded to decent people.

There are no more important people in this planet than victims and law biding citizens.

The wrongdoers need to be exposed. And this paper and column will, we promise.

PJ Browne is a retired detective superintendent, with more than 35 years experience policing serious crime