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'The Panda' shot dead in gun battle

Notorious criminal shot dead in a hail of bullets

Notorious gangster ‘The Panda’ was shot dead in a hail of bullets in north Dublin this afternoon. Infamous gang boss Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly – linked to half a dozen murders – was blasted to death in Marrsfield, Clongriffin at 1.15pm.

The 30-year-old from Kilbarrack was targeted by a gunman who escaped the scene in a silver car which was later found burnt out and riddled with bullets.

The vicious gang boss was linked to half a dozen murders and today's execution is considered the most significant gangland murder in Ireland since Eamon ‘The Don' Dunne was shot dead last year.

It was the summer of 2008 when 'The Panda' gained massive gangland notoriety when he enlisted convicted Ballyfermot hitman Eric ‘Lucky' Wilson to dispatch of two of his former drug trafficking associates who gardai believe suffered terrible deaths after becoming the victims of a gangland double cross in July of that year.

Tensions had spiralled out of control because The Panda had owed his former boss – major league drugs trafficker David ‘Babyface' Lindsay a seven figure sum for drugs.


Sources say that Lindsay decided to teach ‘The Panda' a lesson and ordered the murder of the gangster's close associate Anthony Foster, who was shot dead in the stairwell of a block of flats at Cromcastle Court in July 2008.

But less than a week after Foster was murdered, ‘The Panda' engineered a diabolical double-cross that led to the murder of ‘Babyface' Lindsay and Lindsay's pal, Alan Napper, who were last seen alive in Clane, Co Kildare.

Sources believe the feared duo were murdered in a house in Co Down after being savagely tortured. After they were shot dead, it is understood that their bodies were cut up and dumped in the Irish Sea.

“After The Panda did that, a lot of people were in fear of him,” explained a source.

The last murder that The Panda's gang have been linked to is that of Sean Winters – a drug dealer who was shot dead in Portmarnock last September.

It is understood that the gang enlisted a local Real IRA team to murder Winters - a former close associate of Lindsay and Napper - whose reckless criminal behaviour was causing concern to The Panda's organisation.