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The 'other man' wants to meet his lover's killer husband


The man who seduced murdered Jean Gilbert today revealed he wants to meet her killer husband.

Musician Bob Campion said he wants a face-to-face meeting with David Bourke – convicted of killing his wife.

The Englishman, whose explicit letters and emails to Ms Gilbert caused her husband to become insanely jealous, says he forgives Bourke (49) for the murder.

Mr Campion and Ms Gilbert (pictured below) met after a 20-year gap and rekindled their relationship in the full glare of her husband.


Bourke subsequently stabbed his wife four times in the back, killing her in front of their three young children at their Castleknock home.

He got a life sentence for the August 2007 murder.

Today, the other man, Bob Campion says he forgives the killer and claims his Buddhism tells him “anyone can change for the better”.

One day he wants to to meet Bourke “face-to-face and talk to him”, adding that Jean would want that too.

During the trial, defence barrier Colm Smyth cast Mr Campion in the light of a man who “preyed” on a happy family and used Jean for money.

Mr Smyth contested that Mr Campion's correspondence with Ms Gilbert, which was read out in court, put forward an image of “a classless, ageing, half-Italian gigolo who wanted to be a Sicilian mafia don”.

Mr Campion rejected the portrayal, saying he is “not a mafia don” but just someone who is “trying to get on with his life”.

He also found the description of Jean during the trial hard to take, saying the defence tried to paint her as a “smug vixen”.

Mr Campion insisted Ms Gilbert was a “strong, smart woman” and was not the way she was portrayed in court.

He said that Jean's murder and the subsequent trial have “ruined” his life, adding he would not wish on anyone what he has been through.

Mr Campion expressed the hope that the conclusion of the case would “give him time to grieve”.

Nevertheless, his thoughts were with David who “must be really suffering”.

He said that, in one of Jean's letters to him, she told him the reason she never changed her name from Gilbert to Bourke was because she always wanted to marry Mr Campion.

Mr Campion said: “As difficult as it may be to understand, I forgive him.

“In fact, I very quickly forgave him for killing Jean. Of course, I'm relieved with the guilty verdict.”

He added: “The defence tried to paint Jean as some kind of smug vixen. She couldn't be smug if she tried. Jean was a strong, smart woman and David being found guilty is a vindication of that.

“But my thoughts are with David tonight. He must be really suffering but if he had pleaded guilty he could have avoided putting everyone through this.”

Mr Campion said: “I pray he'll (David) be able to find the courage and fortitude to do his time and drag something out of this.” The struggling musician lives in a council estate in Locksheath, Hampshire in England.

He first met Jean in 1986 and they embarked on a relationship.

They then dated for 18 months, commuting between Ms Gilbert's home in Dublin and Mr Campion's base near Southampton.

In 1988, Jean had written to him and asked him to marry her, but he “got cold feet”.

They rekindled their relationship in April 2007, only months before Jean was stabbed to death by Bourke in the family home in Castleknock in Dublin.

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