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The new cycling rules in full

Below is a list of road traffic offences for cyclists. The seven (marked*) will now incur a fixed charged notice to pay a €40 fine.

1. No front lamp or rear lamp (during lighting up hours).*

2. No rear reflector.

3. No brakes.

4. Cyclist driving without reasonable consideration.*

5. Failing to comply with the direction of a member of An Garda Siochana.

6. Failing to stop for a School Warden sign.*

7. Holding on to a vehicle which is in motion.

8. Cycling on a motorway.

9. Using Dublin Port Tunnel.

10. Failing to yield right of way at a zebra crossing.

11. Proceeding along or across a footway.

12. Failure to cycle on the left-hand side of each lane on a two-way cycle track.

13. Failure to use a cycle track.

14. Failure to cycle on a contra-flow cycle track, and in a contra-flow direction.

15. Failure to cycle on the designated cycle lane of a shared track for bicycles and pedestrians.

16. Failing to turn left on entering a roundabout.

17. Failing to stop in advance of a stop sign.

18. Crossing a continuous single or double white line on a roadway.

19. Proceeding past traffic lights showing a non-flashing amber light, with a yield sign or yield line.

20. Not proceeding in accordance with traffic sign ‘Must Turn Right’.

21. Not proceeding in accordance with traffic sign ‘Must Turn Left’.

22. Proceeding past traffic lights when the red lamp is illuminated.

23. Proceeding beyond a stop line, barrier or half barrier at a railway level crossing, swing bridge or lifting bridge, when the red lamps are flashing.*

24. Proceeding into a pedestrianised street or area.*

25. Cycling more than two abreast.

26. Not cycling in single file when overtaking traffic.

27. Proceeding past cycle traffic lights when green lamp is lit and endangering other road users.*

28. Proceeding past cycle traffic lights when red lamp is lit.*

29. Proceeding past cycle traffic lights when intermittent green lamp is lit.

30. Proceeding past cycle traffic lights when amber lamp is lit.

31. Proceeding past a cycle traffic light when the amber light is lit on an intermittent basis without yielding right of way to pedestrians. 

32. Entering a tram lane during the period of operation of the lane.

33. Entering a tram only street.

34. Proceeding beyond a ‘No Entry to Vehicles’ sign.

35. Proceeding beyond a ‘No Pedal Cycles’ sign.

36. Driving or attempting to drive a pedal cycle while under the influence of an intoxicant.