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The 'neglected' library where drug users set up a tent on roof

DRUG users set up a "makeshift tent" on the roof of a Dublin library to shoot up, a city councillor has revealed.

Public representatives have now demanded a greater level of maintenance for Ballyfermot Library.

Cllr Brid Smith pointed out renovations promised by Dublin City Council have not even begun since the facility was closed last September.

"Gardai have to be called to the premises on a regular basis and recently discovered a makeshift tent on the roof that was being used to shoot up," Ms Smith said.

The council replied that the "installation" was removed as soon as it was found.

But Cllr Smith (People Before Profit) insisted in a motion: "Library users and councillors alike are extremely concerned about the lack of progress on repairs to this building."

A temporary library was set up in the Ballyfermot Civic Centre but Ms Smith described it as "completely inadequate".

"We need to see action on this in the very near future. Ballyfermot College, which is located next door, is also suffering from the neglect to the library.

"The college principal has complained that, as a result in the deterioration of the condition of the library roof, an enormous leak is now exposed adjacent to their building.


"This is causing flooding, carpet and furniture damage and obnoxious smells.

"Outside there is a total deterioration in the environment."

In response, the council said the fire and intruder alarms in the library "continue to be maintained and monitored".

"Staff in the senior college have been in regular contact with staff in the temporary library, reporting any issues of concern with the building.

"It is libraries management's policy to respond immediately to any issues reported," the council stated.

It insisted it had removed damaged ramps, cleared debris and removed a makeshift installation on the roof.

In addition, a specialist roofing contractor has made repairs to a section of the roof where the library and senior college premises meet.

Plans are under way for the repair of the existing roof and roof lights, the council said. Contracts will be signed in July.

"Site work will commence in mid-July, with an anticipated construction program of six months to be completed by the end of 2010.

"Internal refurbishment will commence in January 2011, and it is planned to re-open the library to the public in early 2011," the council added.