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'The most amazing event, a magical time'

THE anthem from the Special Olympics World Games in 2003 still makes Dorothy Kilpatrick emotional 10 years later.

"It was the most amazing event and the most magical time," says the Dubliner, whose son Jonathan was a member of the Irish men's basketball team.

"I was in bits with emotion when it started and in bits again when it ended," she laughed

Dorothy, from Deansgrange, became involved in Special Olympics when Jonathan was just eight.

She took him to the Blackrock Flyers to learn basketball "and help his social skills" and ended up becoming chairwoman of the club. In the run-up to the World Games, she volunteered to meet prospective host families for athletes coming from 168 countries. She said: "Their generosity was just incredible. I'm still in touch with some of those people. We became firm friends."

On the opening day of the games, Dorothy recalls how she and her family "dressed up in ridiculous green outfits, leprechauns. The big thing was when Ireland came into Croke Park".