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The Monk snubs Kinahan cartel over clear-the-air meeting


'The Monk'

'The Monk'

'The Monk'

The Christy Kinahan drugs cartel have been desperately seeking a meeting with former crime boss Gerry Hutch, but it is understood 'The Monk' is refusing to meet them.

Sources have revealed that the gang members want to explain to him why they had his nephew, Gary Hutch, shot dead in Spain.

It is believed that the cartel have proof that Gary had been acting as a police informer in the months before he was shot dead in an apartment complex in Miraflores near Marbella on the Costa del Sol on the morning of September 24 last.

It has been claimed that the cartel set up a bogus drugs run from Spain to England after becoming suspicious that Gary was an informer earlier this year. They made sure that he was aware that it was happening.

Sources said that when the bogus package was intercepted by authorities in the UK it confirmed the cartel's suspicions.

However, it has also emerged that it was never the mob's intention to be involved in any dispute with The Monk.

"Gerry Hutch may no longer be involved in crime, but he is still highly respected by many senior criminals," a source said.

"But all the indications at this time is that he wants nothing to do with them at all and has no interest in sitting down with the cartel."

The mob have also put up €10,000 for gang inmates to attack Gary's younger brother Derek "Del Boy" Hutch in jail - something that has happened twice in Mountjoy Prison since Gary was shot dead.


In October, Del Boy survived a stab attack by two psychopathic criminal brothers. He was moved to Portloaise Prison.

However, Del Boy was moved back to Mountjoy Prison and was attacked again on the evening of December 11 when the 27-year-old was pinned down in a shocking shiv attack.

Convicted gangland killer Craig White fought a pitched jail-cell battle to intervene and ultimately save the life of Hutch.