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The low intensity war fought between Travellers

A "low intensity" war has been raging between Traveller gangs in the Dunsink area and nearby housing estates in Finglas throughout this year, sources say.

It is a feud that rarely receives media attention but which has seen multiple pipe bomb and arson attacks, shootings and severe assaults as opposing Traveller families wage war on each other.

In one attack last month, a pipe bomb was thrown at a property in the Dunsink area just minutes after a mass brawl outside a Finglas pub.

Many of these Traveller thugs are heavily involved in drug dealing and extortion and have forged strong links with the various gangs operating in the area.

The Traveller conflict has led to hundreds of violent attacks.


Sources say its is "a miracle" no one has been killed.

In the latest serious attack -- one of around 20 of this nature -- three young children were lucky to survive after their home was torched in a late-night petrol bomb attack.

Two petrol bombs and some shots were fired at the home in Avila Gardens in Finglas at around 10.45pm.

Eight-year-old Joanne Collins and her younger sister Catrina (2) were watching television at the time.

Their brother Patrick (6) was asleep in a bedroom.

The children's cousins, who were babysitting them at the time, grabbed them and fled the burning house.

Their parents, Patrick Snr and Mary Collins, were not at home at the time of the horrific attack.

The property has been left gutted. Sadly, just another night in the badlands.