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The life and crimes of dreaded Panda

The Panda's blood-soaked reign of terror has come to an end -- but gardai believe there are dozens of young men who could fill his shoes. Here we profile the life and crimes of Michael 'Micka' Kelly.

His friends:

John Paul Brennan (31) has survived several assassination attempts. He was lucky to escape when he was cornered in his girlfriend's home in Kinsealy and shot twice in January 2009.

Paul 'Burger' Walsh (28) from Foxhill, Baldoyle, made a major settlement with the CAB in October 2007. The High Court heard 'Burger' Walsh was a drug dealer who was engaged in drug-trafficking throughout the Dublin region.

The Panda has also been linked to feared criminal David Goulding (32) of Whitechapel Grove, Clonsilla, who was jailed for three years in 2008 for interfering with the principal prosecution witness in an attempted murder trial.

His victims:

The Panda's mob shot innocent man Keith Fitsimons in June 2006, in a case of mistaken identity.

Sources believe the Panda was involved with a gang in the murder of Anthony Russell (30) in the Ardlea Inn pub in Artane in April, 2008.

Two months later, the same gang was involved in the murder of Anthony Foster (34) -- a murder that has led to Kelly's downfall.

Less than a week later, the Panda engineered a diabolical double-cross that led to the murder of 'Babyface' Lindsay and Lindsay's pal Alan Napper, who were last seen alive in Clane, Co Kildare. Sources believe the pair were tortured.

The last murder that The Panda's gang have been linked to is that of Sean Winters -- a drug dealer shot dead in Portmarnock last September.

His enemies:

In the past, Kelly worked with the Real IRA, but they are believed to have murdered him yesterday.

His mob have been involved in a bitter criminal feud with another Coolock- based gang led by two brothers whose drug supplier is an arch criminal based on the Malahide Road.