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The killer dad who admired sons for bankrobbing skills

CHRISTY and Larry Dunne may have picked up some tricks from the father -- 'Bronco Senior'.

Christopher Dunne Snr -- who himself killed a man in a pub brawl -- was interviewed about his sons' involvement in crime in 1984.

The then 68-year-old, nicknamed after the cowboy Bronco Bill, was filmed in front of a fireplace drinking whiskey, alongside his wife Ellen.

When asked, he told a Channel Four interviewer he "quite admired" his sons for their skill in robbing banks.

He explained: "As long as nobody was hurt. They were getting money the handy way, there was no loss of life, no malicious damage and no injuries to anybody."

When pressed that his offspring were stealing other people's money, Bronco Snr barely batted an eyelid.

"How do you know whose money is in the banks?

"How did they get it?" he responded.

Ellen Dunne told the interviewer: "My sons were all gentlemen, beautiful men, beautiful manners, beautiful bodies. I never knew they were on drugs. I had to get work and I never had it easy with my husband either, son.

"So don't talk to me about drugs, son."