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the key revelations

•For years, Jobs, who was adopted, patronised a restaurant near San Jose -- not realising it was owned by his biological father. They eventually met, but they never formed a close relationship. "I was a wealthy man by then, and I didn't trust him not to blackmail me or go to the press," said Jobs.

The first time Bill Gates visited, Jobs kept him waiting for half an hour. Their relationship soured. "This machine is crap," said the Microsoft founder about Job's latest device.

•In 1982, Jobs began dating Joan Baez. One day, he told the folk singer about a Ralph Lauren dress which would be "perfect" for her. "I said to myself, far out, terrific, I'm with one of the world's richest men and he wants me to have this beautiful dress," Baez recalled. Jobs drove to the shop and showed her the frock. "You ought to buy it," he said. Baez replied that she couldn't afford it, and they left.