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'The increase is pretty miserable...it has been going up every year'

COMMUTERS reacted with anger and frustration as details of the price hikes were revealed.

Megan Judge (19), from Raheny, has had her bus fare for over four stages increased from €2.60 back in 2011 up to €3.30 following the latest increase.

"It's not very good, is it? I think it's crap, if there's a nice way to say that.

"I commute in every day from Raheny, I pay cash. It was €2.60 and now it's gone up to €3.30," Ms Judge said.

Colm O'Neill (42, right), who lives in Clontarf, said that he has been commuting into the city for years and has seen successive price hikes.

"The increase is pretty miserable, isn't it? I have been using the route for around three or four years now and it has been going up every year," he said.

Paul Kearns (53, left) from Swords, explained that he had only recently begun to travel into town by bus, having previously driven across the town to Dundrum.

"I'm only after starting to commute by bus around two weeks ago. I used to drive across the city," he said.

"The hikes won't affect me that much because I use the Leap Card, but I have to say, I find the Leap Card website very confusing. I wish the service on the card was more transferable too."

Ian Delamere (46, right), from Artane, was not happy with the fare increase.

"I suppose that's par for the course really. We have kind of come to expect it at this stage.

"I'm on the annual ticket, so I have noticed it increasing over the last number of years.

"I do think it's too much of an increase. Every day I commute into town from Artane," he said.

Stephen O'Reilly from Howth (78, below right), the hike wasn't a major problem.

"I'm on the old age pension, so I have had the free travel for a few years now," he said.

Though, Mr O'Reilly said that he noticed that the fares had been creeping up throughout the years.