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The grim scene where boyfriend drank before attack

This is the grim scene that gardai encountered when they forced entry into a house where a traumatised woman was discovered bound and gagged.

Officers forced their way into Collette Keane's top-floor apartment home at Anvil Court, Roscommon town, at around 1am yesterday.

Our photos show where gardai smashed in the front door of another apartment in a desperate bid to get to Ms Keane. Gardai had to break the sitting-room door in a downstairs apartment to gain entry to a separate apartment upstairs where they found her.

The first sight that greeted them was the sitting room, which was in a dishevelled state.

It was obvious that someone had been drinking alcohol in the room -- stale beer can be seen in a half-filled pint glass on a coffee table, along with three empty glasses, a tea cup, a bottle opener and two bottle caps. A novel by American writer Anita Shreve is also on the table.

Two ashtrays are almost overflowing with a combined total of over 40 cigarettes in them and there is a significant amount of ash on the apartment's brown carpet.

A supermarket receipt can also be seen on the carpet.

Gardai believe that Ms Keane's partner, Paul Timothy -- known locally as Angelo -- had been on a boozing session in the sitting room before he attacked his partner and tied her to a bed.

The 54-year-old victim was in a malnourished and semi-conscious state and her arms, legs and head had been strapped to the bedpost with adhesive tape. A sponge had been placed in her mouth.

The tape was wrapped so tightly around her that the clumps of her hair came out when medical staff removed it.