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The Google camera cars are back... but will they find Molly?


Molly Malone statue

Molly Malone statue

Molly Malone statue

IT’S caught commuters in compromising situations and left some shoddy householders red-faced so be warned ... the Google car cameras are back in force.

The Google street view cars have returned to Dublin to update it’s imagery of the city.

The cars have been spotted out and about with some twitter fans turning the tide on the snap happy cars by capturing and uploading their images and whereabouts.

Some of the changes the city has seen since the Google cars were last on the prowl include the removal of the Molly Malone statue from her home on Nassau Street for the duration of Luas roadworks and the major upgrading of the pavement on Grafton Street.

The tech giant’s own home on Barrow Street has drastically changed in appearance, with the company taking over a large tower block and connecting it to it’s older offices with a walkway over the road.

A spokesperson for Google confirmed the cars are taking new images in the city at present.


“We are currently updating our images of Dublin and weather permitting that usually takes a few months. We aim to keep our imagery as fresh and up to date as possible,” added a spokesperson.

The street views of Ireland were first recorded by the cars back in 2010 when the vehicles collected images spanning 51,000 miles across the country. A spokesperson said they had been adding to that continually in the intervening years.

“We’re constantly updating our services and we’ve used the Google trike to reach areas that the cars can’t access,” she added.

However, the Internet giant was quick to allay privacy concerns of any camera shy individuals who don’t wish to have their image or home uploaded for millions to view worldwide.

“We blur the faces of anybody caught on camera by the cars and all the registrations. We take these concerns very seriously and there is the option to flag an image on street view to be removed if required,” she added.