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The first week wasn't as bad as I'd expected – nearly done

Constant grind and a growing hatred for Project Maths plagued me all of my sixth year, but after today it's half over.

Maths is not my strong point. I entered into this exam knowing that, if I passed, I would be doing well.

I dropped down from higher during fifth year and took quite a lazy approach to pass, but soon realised I did not have a natural flair that could pull me through.

Project Maths really has a way of over-complicating what is a straightforward subject and every one of my friends has complained that no exam papers were made available until December, which made studying much harder.

In quite a spectacular fashion, e-xamit.com – the corrections portal – went down the morning of the exam, leaving sixth-years everywhere unable to check methods and answers. Of all days.


The paper wasn't as bad as I had expected. After a slight freak-out on seeing the first question, I soon calmed down after doing a lovely sequences and series question.

The Trapezoidal Rule came up, but deriving from first principles was left out – it was predicted to come up due to it being the last year it'll be on the course.

However, one of the last questions threw me completely as my mind drew an utter blank for the local minimum and maximum points, but hopefully the rest of the exam will pull me through.

Elsewhere, the Honours paper seemed to have the approach, fair and straight. There were no tears or breakdowns. Yet.

In a rather cynical approach, I hope we don't meet the evil twin of that paper on Monday for Paper 2.

This weekend will be packed with learning constructions and packing in my Irish story for Monday.

But the first week of the Leaving Cert wasn't as bad as expected. The end is in sight.