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The eyes have it for Brian

EMBATTLED Taoiseach Brian Cowen has been raising eyebrows with his 'plucky' new look.

Our normally dishevelled leader seems to have got an eyebrow wax as part of the battle to save his job.

While it was hard to focus on anything other than Mary Coughlan's colourful dress and boots, it was Biffo's new look that stole the limelight.

Said one political correspondent: "Everybody thought it was curtains for Cowen, but then the joke was that Mary Coughlan ended up wearing them."

Was it the "did he, didn't he" waxing that was responsible for the Taoiseach's left eye appearing a little swollen before the cameras.

Reporters commented that Mr Cowen was virtually unrecognisable in a sleek new suit and trimmed tresses.

Foreign leaders regularly take the opportunity to put an extra effort in when addressing the nation, and Mr Cowen seems to have finally got the message when he dressed to impress last night.

If psychologists have long suggested that your outfit reflects your mood, then Cowen was clearly feeling very confident when he announced he would remain as leader of Fianna Fail.


He was sporting a glossy grey suit and a pinstripe purple and white shirt along with a purple tie -- the colour primarily associated with royalty.

Every inch of his perfectly coiffed outfit has been interpreted as an assurance of his status, and the purple theme suggests he was issuing a firm reminder that he is our leader.

In contrast, Mary Coughlan's unflattering floral dress was the subject of jeers and jokes.