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The day that Prince Albert's dashing dad Rainier paid a visit to our Dublin city home

A DUBLIN family have revealed photos of their Prince Charming paying a visit to their home in 1961, as Prince Albert's royal visit here comes to an end.

The dashing Prince Rainier of Monaco visited the Farrell family on McAuley Road, Artane, on June 12, 1961, after visiting St Brendan's boys' school next door -- because he had plans to build a similar school and housing scheme in Monaco.

Declan Farrell (52), who was three years old at the time of the visit, was the only child in the family at home during the visit.

He told the Herald: "I was in my mam's arms when he arrived. He arrived with Thomas Dockrill, who was lord mayor of Dublin at the time.

"A prince arriving to visit some corporate houses really was a big thing at the time. But I don't recall too much. We have two pictures of him, and one of them is a good picture of him talking to the next-door neighbour.

"One of the locals here said that the area was all ring-fenced and you couldn't get near him. It was a great thing for older people, but there are not many of them around now that remember it."

Prince Rainier chatted to Mrs Farrell about his own son Prince Albert, who was the same age as Declan at the time, and the Dublin lady remembered him as a "tanned and handsome man".


Declan's sister Gloria Kennedy joked: "Someone told us that the value of the house would go up because it had a royal visit, but we don't know about that. It was a courtesy call, and he had plans for such a housing scheme in Monaco.

"I was sent to school and I was looking out the window like the rest of the children.

"He came in and he went around the house. My sister's birthday was that day and she always joked with mam afterwards that she never got a birthday party that day," she added.