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The dark side of Shannon's holiday romance - jealousy and obsession

THEY look like any normal young loving couple, but all was not right behind the scenes.

Turkish waiter Recep Celik, who called himself Alex, was obsessed with his Irish girlfriend Shannon.

The pair had been inseparable since they met last summer in the restaurant where he worked in Kusadasi, Turkey.

Shannon's father, Raymond McGuinness -- an oil distributor from Newry -- has a second home in the holiday resort.

Mr McGuinness has revealed his severe misgivings over the relationship.

On more than one occasion Celik displayed a darkly envious side, leading the concerned dad to conclude there was something "not quite right".

"He had a look in his eyes -- you could see the jealousy there," Mr McGuinness said.

Celik (17) bombarded his 15-year-old girlfriend with Facebook messages and frequently telephoned the house.

"He was almost, you might say, obsessed by her. He was just mad about her," he added.

Shannon and her mother Marion Graham visited Turkey often, spending time there during the Christmas break and returning again in the summer.

It has emerged that Celik had threatened Ms Graham on a previous occasion, when the two had had a disagreement.

Celik had allegedly kicked Shannon and he was admonished by her mother.

The young man did not take it well and "apparently then he threatened to kill her", Mr McGuinness said.

It is believed Ms Graham took the threat with "a pinch of salt".

Mr McGuinness also described Celik as "controlling" and a "gold digger".

He said the 17-year-old was keen to get his hands on the Kusadasi apartment where the women were staying -- which Mr McGuinness owns.

He said Ms Graham, his former partner, was "the life and soul of the party" and she "adored Shannon".