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The crime gang behind Halloween garda ambush

THE Halloween mayhem which left five gardai hospitalised was orchestrated by one of the city’s most notorious gangs.

Street lights in Ballyfermot were broken and four jeeps were stolen from locations in the Midlands ahead of Monday night’s violence.

A female garda required nine staples in her head after being pinned to the wall by a crazed driver in a stolen jeep.

"This was planned for a long time – the gang broke street lights to prevent them being caught on CCTV and they stole the jeeps from properties in Athlone over two weeks ago. The four vehicles were kept at a location before they were used on Monday night.

“Gardai received intelligence that officers were to keep out of the Croftwood area of Ballyfermot but of course they can’t give in to these thugs,” a senior source said.

A gang of young thugs which is linked to notorious Anthony ‘Harpo’ O’ Driscoll (33) is suspected of being behind the violence.

Harpo, of Croftwood Park, Ballyfermot, is a chronic alcoholic and drug addict who has previous convictions for offences such as drug dealing, attempted burglary, unlawful carriage, property damage and seriously assaulting a man with three others.

Harpo was only 19 in 1997 when caught red-handed with IR£200,000 worth of heroin when gardai watched him digging a parcel of drugs from under a sleeper on the Dublin to Cork rail line.


Youths on horseback warned Harpo by wolf-whistles that he was under surveillance and he dropped it. Gardai recovered the heat-sealed plastic parcel containing 782g of heroin.

Harpo’s crew are also the chief suspects for organising a spate of car thefts in the Ballyfermot area last Christmas.

Two people were arrested following the disturbing scenes on Monday night after Garda Linda Bury narrowly escaped death after being struck by an oncoming jeep in Ballyfermot.

One was a 15-year-old boy who defecated into a sample jar in Clondalkin Garda Station when gardai requested that he provide a urine sample.

The other person arrested is a 35-year-old man who has numerous previous convictions and has served jail sentences.

Harpo has not been arrested yet but sources say gardai are building a case against him.

Out of the five injured officers, Gda Bury, suffered the worst injuries but was discharged from St James’s hospital yesterday. She is said to be in a “very traumatised state”.

Gardai Bury and Sinead Connolly were travelling in a squad car on Blackditch Road in Ballyfermot when their vehicle collided with an oncoming jeep just before midnight.

As the officers were attending to the incident, Garda Bury was struck by another oncoming jeep which resulted in her sustaining leg injuries.