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The children were dazed and terrified ... but alive

As soon as I saw the tornado warnings on TV, I had to leave the office right away. I had photographed about a dozen tornados in my decade in Oklahoma and if I didn't get into my car before the funnel cloud swept through, I knew I would arrive too late.

By the time I got to Moore, all I could see was destruction. Mangled pieces of metal wrapped up in bare tree limbs. Adults carrying children in their arms. I expected chaos as I approached the piles of bricks and twisted metal where Plaza Towers Elementary school once stood, but was surprised by how calm everything was.

I spent about 30 minutes at Plaza Towers and photographed about a dozen children who were pulled from the rubble.

I focused my lens on them. Some of the children looked dazed and others seemed terrified. But they were all alive.

I know students are among those who died in the tornado, but for a moment, there was hope in the devastation.