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The chef's wife who lay down with a 'stomach pain' ... and ended up with little baby Kaitlin

AN Irish woman who developed pains in her stomach received the shock of her life when she discovered she was pregnant and in active labour.

Joanne Harding from Wexford starting feeling ill with severe stomach pains and gave birth to her first child just moments later.

Joanne's husband, who is an award-winning chef at the couple's guesthouse business, says he is still in shock following the birth of baby Kaitlin on Friday 13.

Billy Whitty, who works as head chef at the family owned Aldridge Lodge Restaurant and Guesthouse in Co Wexford, revealed he "honestly didn't know" that Joanne was expecting until Kaitlin was born.

Joanne was working at the guesthouse when the pains started. She had just finished making the beds when the delivery started.

A local source explained that she "started feeling ill and went upstairs to lie down".

"A short time later she started getting these severe stomach pains and the local doctor Kevin Byrne, who was out for a job in the area, was called in.

"It was only a short time later that Joanne gave birth and then all three, Billy included, raced off to Wexford hospital to make sure everything was okay," the source reportedly said.

Billy revealed that he had the chance to carry his precious daughter around Aldridge before showing her her new home and going to the hospital.

She was initially placed in an incubator but it is understood that she is now on the ward and that both Kaitlin and her mum are "doing great".

Billy and Joanne, who are both in their 30s, are unsure if their first child was born early as they were completely unaware of the pregnancy.

"We don't know but we think nearly full term," they admitted.

On Friday evening, Billy had to return to work and face a full service at his award-winning restaurant.

Saturday was also booked out with guests and he admitted that he was "very tired".

"Quite a weekend not had one like it before!" he said on Twitter.

And the couple had another reason to celebrate on Monday as Billy won the Restaurant Association's Wexford Chef of the Year Award.

Their Duncannon venue, which had previously been awarded the Good Food Ireland Culinary Haven Award, also won Best Wexford Restaurant.