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THE BUDGET: International reaction

THE INTERNATIONAL community had waited with bated breath to hear Brian Lenihan deliver Budget 2011.

Wall Street Journal

IRELAND took the first crucial step on an expected four-year road to financial recovery by securing support for a budget that will make €6bn in cuts across all sectors of society.

The Telegraph

IRELAND'S public sector workers are to bear the brunt of next year's austerity measures with cuts to their pensions, pay and staff numbers.

The Guardian

THE DUBLIN Government has announced the most ferocious cut to public spending in the history of the state, despite a complete lack of legitimacy signalled by the ruin of both its economic policy and its poll rating, down to 13pc.

Deutsche Welle

While the final stamp of approval for the bailout loan was being given in Brussels, the Irish government in Dublin announced deep cuts in its 2011 budget.

The budget cuts were necessary to secure the bailout from the EU and the International Monetary Fund.

Sydney Morning Herald

THE IRISH government detailed the toughest budget on record on Tuesday, targeting €6bn in spending cuts and tax hikes and warning passage was crucial to avert a deeper crisis and free up EU and IMF rescue funds.