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The best quotes from the minister's novel

* The bottle emptied and the champagne finished he carried her up the stairs into the bedroom, realising that they were both slightly drunk.

She lay beneath him on the bed, its soft mattress rising and falling as their bodies joined together in passionate celebration of the decision they had made.

* Brannigan also projected himself as a law and order politician. He became a leading proponent of legislation to prevent Irish women having abortions abroad in order to protect the Irish unborn against the 'abortionists in England and the rest of the world'.

* Her inexperienced hands touched him so tentatively that every muscle in his body ached for fulfilment.

* She knew that she had been foolish for not taking the necessary precautions herself, but Brannigan had assured her that he always withdrew in time and that she was not at risk. She now knew this to be untrue.

* But his next question cruelly shattered the illusion. 'Have you considered an abortion?'

His voice was hesitant and he would not meet her eyes. The words echoed in her head as she lay in bed.