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The €40m-in-debt developer and the socialist - both TDs

STRANGE bedfellows indeed. The property developer who owes €40m and the firebrand socialist chat as they get accustomed to their new surroundings.

Could it be the start of something special?

Yellow belly poll topper Mick Wallace and grey-haired campaigner Joe Higgins are set to bring more than a little colour to the 31st Dail.

Both men were checking out their new offices yesterday ahead of the first day of school next Wednesday.

The duo seem unlikely allies but certainly share no animosity as they chatted on the plinth.

Of course, Higgins is no stranger to Kildare Street having spent 10 years as Bertie Ahern's nemesis in the Dail chamber.

Having lost his seat in 2007, he moved to the European Parliament but is now back to haunt Enda Kenny's new government along with Wallace and 17 other Independents.

Wallace stunned many pundits as a late entry to the election race but still managed to top the poll in Wexford.

He has been congratulated by Irish international soccer star Kevin Doyle, who said: "Knowing how he works, he will put as much into his politics as he has the football and will be a big success."

- kevin doyle