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The 20-second phonecall to priest that led to body find

The priest who helped pinpoint the body of Ciaran Noonan has revealed that the phone call made by gangsters tipping him off lasted just 20 seconds.

The cleric was given anonymous information that Mr Noonan's body was in fields within a five-mile radius of Ashbourne, Co Meath.

The revelation comes as gardai released a 20-year-old Ballymun man who they had questioned about the murder of Ciaran.

The suspect was arrested yesterday morning and was quizzed at Store Street Garda Station before being released this morning.

He was the third person to be arrested and released without charge.

When contacted by The Herald, the Co Meath based priest who helped locate Ciaran's body explained: "My conversation with them only lasted for 20 seconds.

They gave specific information about where Ciaran's body could be.

"They were calm enough and knew exactly what they wanted to say and I had no chance to ask them any questions.

"The call was too quick for that. I don't know why they chose to contact me but I was a conduit for these people.

"As soon as the call was finished, I contacted gardai straight away and I told gardai exactly what I had been told.

"I was told that the body could be found in a field within a five-mile radius of Ashbourne -- as it turns out this information was not completely exact. Poor Ciaran was found closer to Trim."

The Herald agreed not to disclose the identity of the priest because of concerns that he could be victimised.