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That's nice! Mrs Brown up for another comedy award

The nods and gongs just keep rolling in for Mrs Brown's Boys.

The series has been nominated in the Best Comedy category for this year's National Television Awards in the UK.

The Brendan O'Carroll sitcom won the award last year and was named Best Situation Comedy in 2013.

It will compete against Benidorm, Outnumbered (inset) and The Big Bang Theory for this year's gong.

The nomination follows the news that not only was the show's Christmas special the most-watched show on Christmas Day for the fourth year running, but the series has also been secured for Christmas specials on the BBC until 2020.

Meanwhile, its creator O'Carroll has yet to decide if Mrs Brown will return to the TV or the big screen in the future.

"It's between the two. You've Universal saying 'We want a movie number two' and then you've BBC saying 'we want another series'," he told the Herald.

"We're hoping to come up with some sort of compromise. You can't do both, it's exhausting. A movie is a year of your life.


"Not that it's easy doing a series, but you've the support around you. With a movie it's like you're inventing the wheel all over again.

"I haven't made any decision yet, I won't be making any decision until the end of January."

While O'Carroll has yet to decide on the future of Mrs Brown, he's working on two new TV shows.

"We've a couple of projects coming up next year with the production company that might not necessarily involve me being on screen," he said.

"Danny O'Carroll and Paddy Houlihan, who play Buster and Dermot, I think they're ripe for their own thing so we're putting together a package for them.

"It's kind of like an Idiot Abroad thing where they're going to trace the history of dance."

The second show will be a cookery series based on a catering company O'Carroll set up with his chef while on tour.

"The company is called Chef Ali's Meals on the Road. It's going to be a series of programmes where he shows what he's cooking for the likes of Paul McCartney and other stars while on the road," he said.