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'Thanks to the care we get, my children's future looks extremely bright'


Laura Murphy’s children Olivia and Joshua have rare condition

Laura Murphy’s children Olivia and Joshua have rare condition

Laura Murphy’s children Olivia and Joshua have rare condition

Laura Murphy, from Hollystown, Dublin, has two gorgeous children, Joshua and Olivia, who have an extremely rare condition.

Joshua was tiny during Laura's pregnancy and was born six weeks prematurely.

"We believed he would grow normally after his birth, but unfortunately that was not to be," Laura said.

"His condition was so rare that it was yet to be diagnosed."

Two years later, Joshua's sister Olivia was born with the same condition.


It took many years and a lot of research, both here and abroad, before the children's condition was identified.

Joshua and Olivia have a rare type of primordial dwarfism, which means they are among the smallest people in the world and their needs are extremely complex.

"Having a child with a disability can be very isolating and worrying," Laura said.

"I needed to leave my business in order to care for Joshua and Olivia.

"They spend a lot of time in hospital with appointments and due to illness.

"It has been an extremely difficult few years, but at the same time unbelievably rewarding.

"They are two very special children who bring absolute joy to everyone who meets them."

The Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) has been a lifeline for Laura and her family.

It has given them a sense of community, where they can meet with other families in similar circumstances.

Laura said it is a wonderful feeling to be in an environment that has allowed her family some sense of normality.

In addition, the therapies provided by the CRC have been essential in helping Joshua and Olivia to develop their physical and communication abilities.

"Joshua and Olivia have complex medical needs and we're very fortunate to have the care of the paediatric and nursing team within the Central Remedial Clinic," Laura said.

"Having a specialised team of people who are dedicated to bringing out your child's potential in all aspects of their development is very comforting.


"We all look forward to meeting the remarkable staff each week. Through the CRC we have a wonderful sense of community and belonging.

"Joshua and Olivia also attend school in the CRC. Through the high standard of care we as a family receive in the Central Remedial Clinic, the future feels very positive for our two incredible children."

Laura is participating in the Vhi Virtual Women's Mini Marathon, taking place from October 1 to 10, to raise funds and show her appreciation for all the CRC provides for so many families and individuals living with disabilities.

Check out their website (www.crc.ie) to donate and support this organisation