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Thank Crunchie it's Friday

IT'S THE perfect start to your weekend and will definitely give you that Friday feeling when you're on your commute to or from work, college or school.

Until the end of November, the Herald and Esso will be treating readers to a free Cadbury's Crunchie bar every Friday.

The Herald has teamed up with Esso On The Run stations for the promotion.

Staff will be handing out the complimentary Crunchie bars when you buy Friday's edition of the paper at On The Run stores in Dublin.

Just how sweet a deal is that?

The great Crunchie giveaway will take place exclusively at On The Run outlets. With days getting darker and temperatures dropping, we all need a little lift from the daily grind.


And a free Thank Crunchie It's Friday chocolate bar will do just that.

With your favourite paper tucked under your arm and a Cadbury's Crunchie in your hand, you're set for the start of the perfect weekend throughout this month.

Herald writer Kirsty Blake Knox was among the first in the queue.

She popped into the Esso On The Run on Richmond Road, in Dublin's Fairview -- and certainly enjoyed her chocolate treat and, of course, her favourite read.