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TG4 weather gig 'dream job' for Galway girl Fiona

It's the dream job for many an Irish cailin and Galway native Fiona Ni Flaithearta has nabbed the coveted role as TG4's new weather presenter.

The stunning beauty was presenting TG4's autumn/winter schedule launch, where the station announced a number of fresh faces and a new digital strategy for the channel.

Fiona is from Camus in Connemara and has grown up close to TG4's headquarters and told the Diary that it was a dream come true to land the presenting gig.

"I went travelling for a while after I finished college. I went to Australia as I wasn't very patient after I finished my degree in 2010," she said.

"There wasn't a lot going on and I didn't want to wait around so I was happy to go travelling.

"I came back home over the Christmas holidays and I saw the position come up. I was looking for a reason to stay at home to be honest."

Being a working mum can have its challenges but the mother-of-one says she manages it all.

"My daughter is called Niamh and she's almost two-years-old. Juggling being a mum and the new job can be a bit of a challenge and it took a bit of getting used to but it's great that I don't work nine-to-five.


"The roster at TG4 works on the basis of seven shifts across a fortnight so it's a really manageable schedule," she continued.

"I've been with TG4 for about six months now and I'm really excited for the months ahead."

TG4 is known for championing new presenters and Fiona feels lucky to have landed the gig.

"There's always so much competition for the presenting jobs so I feel very lucky."