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Text messages show that 'Peru Two' were pals


Michaella posing with cops in Peru

Michaella posing with cops in Peru

Michaella posing with cops in Peru

Text messages found on the seized phones used by the 'Peru Two' appear to show that smugglers Micahella McCollum and Melissa Reid were pals and not strangers who met for the first time in Mallorca airport.

The messages were contained in a comprehensive dossier compiled by the Peruvian authorities.

The dossier also contains pictures of the young drug mules posing with riot police days before they were discovered with a €1.8m drugs haul concealed in their luggage.


The pair look relaxed and at ease as they posed with the local police - despite telling police days later when arrested they were in fear of their life at the time.

Meanwhile, a lengthy message exchange between the pair shows that Reid arrived in Lima ahead of McCollum - whom she nicknamed 'Princess'.

Reid texted McCollum on July 31, 2013, and said: "Prepare yourself. I just arrived all OK with you? XXX"

McCollum wrote back "Oh really?"

Reid: "Yes you will be fine."

Later Reid joked that her partner was getting "special treatment".

"HAHA Princess gets all the special treatment of course," she said in a text.

The pair were in constant contact as McCollum flew to meet her pal before the pair grabbed a connecting flight. These texts provide an insight into their first impressions of the country which McCollum will now call home for another four years.

Reid: "The princess has arrived. Just walk along to the last check in door before domestic arrivals and you will see me."

McCollum: "I already hate this place and the people."

Reid: "Same. Rude. Lima is shit but I think Cusco will be better. You know where you are going?"

McCollum: "Ah getting so frustrated here still waiting [for her bag] surrounded by these people."

Reid: "Buzzing to see you girl and only separated for like two days."

McCollum: "I know, I can't wait to see you."