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Terry gets new TV offers

Terry Wogan revealed he had received "various offers" when asked whether he would make a TV return after Jonathan Ross's exit.

The 71-year-old, who launched his new Sunday radio show yesterday, also said he was not ready to express an opinion over Chris Evans' progress as his replacement on the Radio 2 breakfast show.

Wogan said he was keen to take it a a "bit more easily" when asked in an interview with Andrew Marr whether he would be willing to replace Ross, who recently said he will be leaving the BBC in July.

He told Marr's breakfast-time show: "I'm well stricken in years Andrew, it will happen to you as well. The thing is I have had various offers and I'm thinking about it but I'm 71 years of age, I'd like to take it a easy. But I'm still open to doing things."

He also said radio was no "quick fix" when asked how he thought Evans was progressing as his replacement on the Radio 2 early slot.

Terry added: "People keep coming up to me and asking me what I think. I'd rather not give an opinion because radio is not like television. Television is a quick fix, radio takes an awful lot longer to establish yourself.

"So I say, if you ask me that question in about a year's time, I'll give you an honest answer."