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Terror as yobs hurl fireworks under city bus

A GANG of reckless yobs targeted a bus with fireworks this week as fears about the use of illegal explosives in Dublin escalate in the run up to Halloween.

The youths were witnessed launching fireworks at a public bus in south Dublin.

Horrified onlookers and motorists watched on as the gang threw a firework under a bus in Clondalkin on Monday evening in what could have been a potentially deadly act.

The firework exploded on the road behind the bus causing the driver of a car to swerve. One of the rockets hit the door of another passing vehicle.

Stephen West (34) from Foxborough, Clondalkin, was driving home when he witnessed the incident.

"I was behind a bus at the lights at the junction of Fonthill and Foxdene Road. There were about six or seven fellas who looked around 16 or 17 years old standing at the junction.

"They lobbed a rocket at the bus. At first I thought it was just a milk bottle. But it rolled out from under the back of the bus and started exploding."

Mr West said the device almost went off under the bus. "I don't want to over dramatise the incident but God knows what would have happened if it had exploded under the bus."


He said the firework created a hazard for all drivers on the road: "They were massive explosions of green, red and blue. And the main device jumped about the road as it blew out these rockets. There was a small Renault driving the other direction and one of the rockets hit its door."

He said he was too intimidated by the gang of youths to stop and reprimand them.

"When there's a gang like that I'm not going to stop and tell them they shouldn't be doing that."

Sgt John Dooner at Ronanstown Garda Station said the incident had not been reported to them but added: "Fireworks in October are very common and we are working very hard seizing them from people. But it's difficult because a lot of parents are buying them for their kids."

Dublin Bus also said the incident had not been reported to them but spokesperson Maria Brennan said: "We do a lot of work with the gardai and the fire brigade in the run up to Halloween to tackle the problem of fireworks."