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Terror as thug shoots up home 'for the craic'


A THUG who opened fire with a shotgun in broad daylight at a house in west Dublin yesterday morning is suspected of doing it "for the craic" according to a senior source.

No one was in the targeted property, at Oranmore Road in Ballyfermot, at 10am when the incident happened.

A local criminal gang is suspected of carrying out the shooting in an attempt to "annoy" a 39-year-old rival criminal who is currently on remand in prison in relation to a savage attack on a female pensioner.

This well-known thug was previously shot in the stomach earlier this year in an incident in which a child was lucky not to be hit by a stray bullet, and is understood to be involved in a number of vicious feuds in the Ballyfermot area.

However, sources say that he does not even live in the house that was targeted yesterday, which is the home of a female relative of his.

A large number of garda units rushed to the scene after concerned locals made numerous 999 emergency calls. A Ballyfermot man, who is aged in his mid 30s, was arrested at the scene.

The weapon was recovered and sources say "many aspects" of the incident were caught on CCTV.


"The suspects for this incident are no criminal masterminds, in fact they are idiots. They are one of many groupings in the locality that are fighting with the intended target and his close associates," a senior source said last night.

"However, they know that this individual is currently in prison and the suggestion seems to be that they shot up the house for a bit of craic."

A local woman told the Herald: "I heard two big bangs when we were having our breakfast."

"My hubby says it's very early for bangers. I told him they're not bangers, they're shots!

"We thought it was coming from behind the houses. The garda helicopter appeared behind the houses," she said.

"It's very frightening, especially as there are a lot of kids living around here. A bullet could miss and go through a house. I'd be very nervous for kids and the old folk. You'd be very nervous about guns," she added.

A 70-year-old man said local people were worried about the shooting and that gardai had warned residents in the nearby Croftwood area to remain indoors after the incident.

"A woman in Croftwood told me gardai came through her garden and warned her that there was an armed man with a gun in the area and they should stay inside their homes for their own safety," he said.

Another man said "I heard roaring and shouting down the road. There appeared to be two men and two women in a big commotion."