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Terror as drive-by shooter returns

Four residents had a lucky escape when a house in Drimnagh was attacked twice in a drive-by shooting.

Two shots were fired through the window of a boarded-up house on Mourne Road at 9pm last Saturday.

Then, in a shocking move, the attacker returned to the property at 2am, after gardai had left, and began to fire on the house again.

Three men and a woman were in the house but no one was injured.

The attacker has not been identified but he is believed to have been shooting from a moving car.

No one has been arrested and gardai are investigating the motive for the attack.

They do not believe it is gang related but linked to a row between youths in the area.

The Drimnagh area of Dublin is no stranger to these types of the attacks, although most are the result of the Crumlin/Drimnagh gangland feud.

On January 14, an Army Bomb disposal unit had to dismantle a pipebomb that was placed outside a home on Sperrin Road.

The crude device was defused and given to the garda forensic team that are still investigating the incident.

The Sperrin Road house has previously been shot at, including an attack last February with a pump action shot gun.