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Terrified locals post alerts over convicted rapist


Convicted rapist Barry McGee. Photo: Courtpix

Convicted rapist Barry McGee. Photo: Courtpix

Convicted rapist Barry McGee. Photo: Courtpix

TERRIFIED residents in the East Wall area of Dublin have put up posters warning that convicted rapist Barry Mcgee collects his dole in the area.

McGee was released from jail last October after serving 12 years of a 17-year sentence for rape.

The 31-year-old has been living in Dorset Street and collecting his dole in East Wall on Fridays, prompting residents to put up the posters to warn women in the area.

McGee raped and threatened to kill two Australian women in their Dublin flat, subjecting the 25-year-olds to four hours of torture, terror and degradation at knifepoint on May 5, 2002.


During their ordeal, McGee, of Foxfield Grove, Raheny, told the women: "You are going to play my game and play it according to my rules.''

At his trial in the Central Criminal Court, Det Sgt George McGeary said the attacks were among the most gruesome and horrible cases he had dealt with in the course of his garda career.

McGee pleaded guilty to three counts each of rape and oral rape, one count of attempted rape, two counts of aggravated sexual assault, two counts of threatening to kill and two counts of false imprisonment of the victims

One of the women told the court he had made her feel sure she was going to die. He waved the knife so close that it had scraped her ear.

She said no one could imagine the feeling a woman would experience having to call her father to say: "I have been sodomised and raped and almost killed.

"I begged him, I told him he could have all the money we had.

"There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Barry McGee was going to kill me."

The second woman said that telling her parents their only daughter had been raped was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do.

The two victims told McGee they would leave Ireland immediately and go back to Australia without telling anyone if only he would spare their lives. They even offered to go to an internet cafe with him and book their tickets home immediately.


McGee, however, declined their offer and said he could not let them go because if he did that, he would have to kill them. He left the flat after more than four hours of this torture.

While still holding the knife he made them dress, dressed himself and threw the knife under a couch before leaving. The women then called 999.

Det Sgt McGeary said McGee was arrested the following day from information the victims were able to give and he was firmly linked to the crimes by DNA and fingerprint evidence.

A source in East Wall said: "The women here are afraid of McGee. They don't know where he lives and if he is going to be hanging around at night."