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Terenure College juniors to end in 2018

Terenure College is to close its junior school in 2018 after 150 years.

The €4,800-a-year school is run by the Carmelite Order, but the number of pupils has almost halved in the past five years.

Parents were told of the decision in a letter from the principal of Terenure College, Fr Michael Troy, who said a small school with such decreased numbers could not survive either educationally or economically.

Unlike fee-paying secondary schools, private primary schools get no financial support from the Department of Education and have to cover the cost of teacher salaries and capital expenses entirely from their own fees and fundraising.


There are currently 86 students from third to sixth class at the school.

The school has decided not take any third-class pupils in 2015 meaning the last students will start sixth class in September 2017 and finish in May of 2018.

The school employs ten full-time teachers and three part-time teachers.

It follows the State primary school curriculum but also offers additional subjects and facilities, such as French, Spanish and swimming lessons.

Fr Troy says the school is committed to working with parents of students to ensure the provision of a full primary education and a smooth transition into the secondary school.