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Tent protesters refuse to move

Hundreds of Occupy Los Angeles protesters showed no sign they planned to move ahead of a midnight deadline to abandon their encampment, saying they would instead hold an "eviction block party".

Just a handful were seen packing up from the 500-tent protest yesterday.

"The best way to keep a non-violent movement non-violent is to throw a party, and keep it festive and atmospheric," said protester Brian Masterson.

Four die after churches burn

At least four people died as churches and businesses were burned to the ground in Nigeria.

The attack happened in the city of Geidam, which sits near the country's arid border with Niger.

Witnesses say attackers blew up a local police station and attacked a bank, as well as setting fire to businesses and at least eight churches.

The attacks come after a November 4 attack in the state capital claimed by the radical Muslim sect known as Boko Haram that killed more than 100 people.

Teen not sorry for tweet slurs

A Kansas teenager who wrote a disparaging tweet about Republican governor Sam Brownback is rejecting her high school principal's demand that she apologise.

Emma Sullivan (18) said she was not sorry and an apology letter would not be sincere.

The pupil tweeted that she had told the governor in person that he "sucked".

Her Twitter account now boasts 3,000 followers.

Wyclef denies quake aid claim

Haiti hip hop star Wyclef Jean says he is proud of the way his charity responded after the earthquake almost two years ago.

He says his Yele Haiti Foundation rebuilt an orphanage and set up a system of outdoor toilet and shower facilities in one of the largest shanties in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.

Jean's comments follow reports published by The New York Post saying his foundation collected $16m (¤12m) last year but less than a third of that went to emergency efforts. The Post also said $1m was paid to a Florida firm that did not appear to exist.