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Tensions high as violent gang chief’s lieutenant is chased by rivals on M1


Gardai at the scene of a gun attack in Balbriggan, north Co Dublin

Gardai at the scene of a gun attack in Balbriggan, north Co Dublin

Gardai at the scene of a gun attack in Balbriggan, north Co Dublin

Pressure is mounting on a violent gang boss who is suspected of direct involvement in three savage murders, with associates of a man who was shot dead on the criminal’s orders last year targeting the gangster and his closest allies.

Benn Whitehouse Sources have revealed that the situation in north Co Dublin remains “extremely tense”, especially after an incident in which the gang boss’s right-hand man was chased up the M1 motorway last weekend by rival criminals.

The car chase happened just days after the gangster’s wife’s car was “boxed in” at a service station in the Balbriggan area in a serious attempt to intimidate the woman, who has previously been targeted by the same mob.

“Things are escalating all the time and those that are involved in these incidents would be associates of Benny Whitehouse, who was shot dead last September,” a source explained.

“The gang boss is already under a lot of pressure from gardai and he was arrested in late May and questioned about the Whitehouse murder, and now some of the murdered man’s pals are going after him,” the source added.

The gangster, who cannot be named because he is facing serious charges before the courts, is also believed to be at the centre of the suspected murders of missing couple Willie Maughan (34) and his Latvian partner Anna Varslavane (21), who were last seen in the Gormanston area of Co Meath on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 14. Gardai from Ashbourne have been searching an area on the Dublin-Meath border near the M1 motorway for the bodies of the tragic couple.

The operation, along the Devlin River, has been ongoing since last Wednesday and sources said gardai are working on information that the couple’s bodies had been dumped in a pond close to the motorway.

Maughan, who comes from a respectable family, had close links to the dangerous gang before his disturbing disappearance but may have been trying to break away from the mob.

The chief suspect in the Benny Whitehouse murder is believed to have been paid €20,000 to carry out the brutal hit, which also led to the victim’s partner being shot in the legs after they had dropped their child at school in Balbriggan.