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Tensions high as victim of hit leaves hospital

THE Sheriff Street feud is on a knife edge after the victim of a botched hit was released from hospital.

Further bloodshed is feared in the gang war between Christy Griffin's mob and his enemies after a rival gang member who was shot was discharged.

The man, one of Griffin's main rivals, was shot just before Christmas in an attempted assassination and is now bent on revenge, gardai fear.

Tensions in the north inner city have been high since the criminal was discharged from Beaumont Hospital last week.

The victim, from the area, was shot twice by a hitman wearing an ice hockey mask at a roadside diner on December 17. Gardai believe that the man was lured to the area by his rivals -- associates of jailed gangster Christy Griffin.

The 41-year-old victim is a member of a group involved in a long-running dispute with Griffin's gang -- dubbed the Sheriff Street feud.

The man was sitting in a parked car with a male relative in a layby at Naul Road close to Dublin Airport, where a diner and Christmas tree stall were in operation, when a dark coloured saloon car pulled in.

The gunman got out and walked calmly up to the victim's car before opening fire.

The victim was hit twice in the arm and fragments also entered his chest.

The bloody feud erupted six years ago when Christy Griffin, the leader of a major criminal gang, was accused of raping the daughter of his former friend's partner.

The dispute split the gang and resulted in a bitter feud in Dublin's north inner city.