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Temple Bar reveller left man scarred in glass attack

A WOMAN scarred a man by throwing two glasses at him at a New Year's party in Dublin's Temple Bar.

Hazel Martin (27) was "reacting to a perceived slight", Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

Martin, an Englishwoman with an address at Wandle Court in London, pleaded guilty to assaulting Andrew O'Brien, who is also English, at Oliver St John Gogartys in Temple Bar on January 1, 2009.

Judge Desmond Hogan said this was a serious matter and noted that facial scars and the perception of them by others could pose a significant difficulty for young men today.

He also noted that references handed in on Martin's behalf were full of praise of her good character and he adjourned sentencing until next month to hear a probation report.

Garda Nigel Daly told Gerardine Small, prosecuting, that Mr O'Brien had come to Dublin for New Year's Eve and was sitting in the pub when a thin blonde woman threw drinks on him. He then remembered being covered in blood and bleeding into his eyes.

He said CCTV footage of the incident showed Martin throw the contents of several drinks randomly on people and then a row ensued with Mr O'Brien. She threw a glass at him which missed and while being dragged away threw another glass which struck him on the head.


Garda Daly said he found Mr O'Brien bleeding heavily and arrested Martin outside. Martin, who had no previous convictions, said she was sorry.

Mr O'Brien was treated in hospital for a laceration to his forehead and received seven stitches. He has been left with a permanent facial scar.

Mr O'Brien could not remember what he had said to Martin but that she seemed to empty the glasses in reaction to something that was said or done to her, the court heard.

Martin worked in Britain for a housing company and was held in high regard by her employers.

Her solicitor handed in a number of references including one from a member of the Cumbria Constabulary and Brampton Parish Council.

Martin accepted she had abused alcohol on the night but it was the first time she had been charged with a criminal offence.

She was reckless but did not intend to cause significant injury. She was "appalled by what she has done" and had €5,000 to offer as compensation.