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Temple Bar off limits to buskers in planned law

TEMPLE Bar and the GPO will be no-go areas for the city's legion of buskers if new rules are passed by Dublin City Council.

The capital's main tourist district will be off limits to on-street musicians and singers under the strict new by-laws that will go before the councillors for approval next week.

The planned regulations were drawn up after an increase in complaints about street performers by city centre businesses.

The rules have been under review in recent years since a three-month trial of a voluntary code for performers was introduced in 2012, with 185 buskers signing up.

While there was an initial decrease in gripes from city residents and businesses about loud noise, the complaints began to creep up again.

While Temple Bar and the GPO area on O'Connell Street will be out of bounds entirely other areas will only allow busking between the hours of 9am and 11pm.

Busking hot-spot Grafton Street will be the exception to this time limit where musicians will be able to continue performing until 1am on Saturdays and Sundays.

If the strict new rules are passed, street performers will have to pay €30 for an annual permit, and a further €60 if they want to use amplifiers.

In addition, the uses of knifes, axes or other sharp implements in juggling acts as well as perfomances involving flames will be banned.

The new regulations would also mean that buskers will only be allowed remain in one location for two hours, The Irish Times reports.

The proposed by-laws are to be put to councillors next week and if approved, would come into force next year after a period of public consultation.