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Temp Head - A NOTORIOUS criminal was shot

A NOTORIOUS criminal was shot three times in a gangland gun attack in Dublin.

Karl Wynne (47) was clinging to life today after the horror shooting in Tallaght.

The convicted armed robber (pictured left) was shot in the head and body by two gunmen on a motorcycle around 10pm last night.

Gardai believe the attack may be linked to his arrest in connection with the recent botched assassination attempt on bodybuilder Sean Enright.

Senior sources said Wynne – who is originally from Finglas but now lives in Tallaght – remains in a critical condition. One of the bullets is believed to have hit his spine.

One witness said: "I was in my house when I heard three shots. Then I heard the sound of a motorbike speeding off. I went out and saw him lying on the ground. I thought he was dead. He wasn't moving."

"A man walking his dog tried to help him. And another man got one of those silver blankets and put it over him," the witness added.

He said the victim was a stocky man and he was wearing a blue top, jeans and runners. He appeared to be well-built, he said.

"The police were here in less than three minutes. The place was covered in police in no time. The ambulance came and took him away," he said.

"Everyone came out to see what had happened. I couldn't believe what happened," he added.

Wynne lay on the ground with blood pouring from his wounds last night as local people rushed to his aid.

He was previously sentenced to a lengthy period in jail for an armed bank robbery in Cork.

Wynne was also closely linked to Tallaght murder victim Alan Desmond whose decomposed body was found in a field earlier this month.

Last night's shooting happened at the junction of St Dominic's Road and Mountain Park Road.

The victim was at the entrance of a closed vegetable shop when he was attacked by the gunman. A public gym in the vicinity had closed for the night.

A low wall outside the vegetable shop was covered by sheeting this morning as gardai blocked access to the junction. Blood was visible on the ground.



A 32-year-old woman from Mountain Park Road said: "I was watching television when I heard three shots. I went out and saw two guys on a motorbike. They were gone in seconds.

"I went over to the man lying on the ground. My friend found he still had a pulse."

Another woman said: "It's shocking. I'm 42 years living here and I've never seen anything like it.

"I ran out to my garden after the shots. Teenagers usually sit on a wall outside the shop where it happened.

"There were police cars and an ambulance. It was chaos. Absolutely shocking."

Fran McCabe (62) said: "This is terrible. Me and my daughter usually go for a walk at night and we'd be passing that spot around the time he was shot. We could have been hit by a stray bullet."