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"You have to be there to see the unbridled joy in the face of the Dubs. A city became a town and a million will speak of this triumph every September for the rest of their lives. The win will do wonders for the tourist industry in Kerry. The Dubs will come down in their droves to tell us how great these boys were. We will not contradict them."


"No team in modern times, with the possible exception of Mayo, deserves to win an All Ireland as much as this set of Dublin players because of their dedication year after year.

"Having been involved with a team that took six years to win the big one myself, I can appreciate how these Dublin lads feel and they have been wonderful examples for their city and county and, indeed, for other counties who might be tempted to throw in the towel after several failures."


"I don't think he [Pat Gilroy] is the sort of man who will be happy with just one Sam Maguire, he will want to create a real legacy before he leaves the job.

"This All Ireland was a sweet one and a victory like this is a massive shot in the arm for Dublin GAA because it will attract tens of thousands more kids to the sport.

"I really think it's onwards and upwards from here on, both for this football team and the GAA as a whole in the county."


"When it was all over, Dublin hardly had one true man-of-the-match candidate. Such was this momentous occasion.

"It did not allow for one man to stand out in a blue jersey and, instead, Dublin were left with heroes almost everywhere."


"No one should be writing this Kerry team's obituary yet. There is still plenty of football left in them -- even in the older players.

"I wouldn't be surprised at all if they're celebrating this time next year. But they'll view this as the one that got away. That won't bother Dublin. They travelled a hard road and deserve this success."


"Winning any All-Ireland final is special and all you can do is beat the team that's put in front of you. But when that team happens to be Kerry, it's simply incredible.

"They are the team that sets the benchmark in Gaelic football and they are standard bearers. To beat them in a final, and to beat them in such dramatic circumstances, is almost unbelievable."


"As a Meathman I take great pride in this Dublin performance.

"Why? Because this performance was exactly what I would want from a Meath side.

"Dead and buried as Kerry led by four points with the clock ticking down, what Kerry normally do is take over. It's just what they do.

"Instead, Dublin said to themselves, 'we're not going to take this -- we're going to take over'."


"Honesty is a very good starting point for any player and any team. I would be of the belief that you always get what you deserve in football.

"And this Dublin team have put in a massive amount of time and effort with their early morning training sessions in the past two years to get to this stage."


"The day belonged to Dublin. They'll never know the value of that medal in their pocket to the clubs and young players in Dublin and what having Sam Maguire in the county this winter will mean to people."