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Temp Head

A former bank worker holds the key to the murder of one of the country's most feared drugs barons 'the Panda'.

Michael 'Micka' Kelly died in a hail of bullets in broad daylight as he was targeted by two ruthless brothers who control the Real IRA in Dublin.

Now detectives believe the ex banker -- known as 'Jewie' -- who was Kelly's righthand man, witnessed the murder and then fled the scene.

The Real IRA hitmen shot 'the Panda' with a handgun and a high powered rifle and then drove over their slain victim's head.

"Jewie is in a state of shock. He knows they would have killed him as well if they could. He is in a very vulnerable place now that Kelly has been murdered," said a source.

The Real IRA had their victim under surveillance for the past two weeks from an apartment in the Clongriffin complex where the murder took place.