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'Tell Conor I'm coming' - banned Connolly's message to UFC champ


Diarmuid Connolly’s Instagram picture

Diarmuid Connolly’s Instagram picture

Diarmuid Connolly’s Instagram picture

DUBLIN'S Diarmuid Connolly has joked that he is ready to take on UFC star Conor McGregor after the fighter's coach said he would be willing to train the player.

In an interview with the Herald, MMA coach John Kavanagh offered up his services to Connolly in order to curb his short temper on the pitch.

The All-Ireland-winning forward is currently serving a 12-week suspension for pushing a match official last month.

Responding to the offer online, Connolly posted a message to Kavanagh while standing outside a boxing ring, saying: "Tell Conor I'm coming."

The tongue-in-cheek post was in turn liked by Kavanagh and a number of Connolly's Dublin teammates.

Kavanagh offered his services to help the Dublin ace control himself on the pitch.

The coach added that he would be "honoured" to help the Dublin forward.

The offer came amid huge controversy surrounding Connolly's suspension for pushing an official during the Leinster Senior Football Championship quarter-final against Carlow.

Connolly has accepted the ban, but the coverage of the incident led Dublin boss Jim Gavin to decline interviews with RTE.


Connolly, one of the most talented footballers in the country, is unavailable until a potential All-Ireland semi-final.

Kavanagh, who has trained Armagh boss Kieran McGeeney on many occasions, suggested that Brazilian jiu-jitsu may act as a calming option for the Dublin talisman.

"He [Connolly] knew what the consequences were and yet couldn't control himself, so I would definitely as a coach see that as a worrying trait," said Kavanagh.

"I would definitely encourage him to do something about it.

"Training Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Would that help? Maybe."

Asked whether his services would be available to one of the most high-profile players in the country, Kavanagh said: "Of course. The door is always open for somebody to come in and learn."